Friday, May 30, 2014

Kindergarten Celebration

JJ had their kindergarten celebration/program this afternoon.  It wasn't really a "graduation" just a small program honoring their class of 2026.  That sounds a bit crazy.

Someone mentioned it was one of their largest turnouts therefore it started a little late in order to get everyone a seat.  We killed time by taking pictures of course.

The program itself was pretty simple.  A couple songs, a slideshow, and an introduction of all the kids. Somehow Cooper and Luke got to stand next to each other.   During the slide show they had an individual picture of all the kiddos and it had written what they wanted to be when they grow up.  Cooper said police officer.  I'm pretty sure this is due to our school resource officer Tim Wolff.  I graduated with Tim and his daughter is in Cooper's class.  The kids love him.  It's such a great feeling knowing there is an officer at the school everyday and they have a genuine interest in the student's well being. 
I only got a couple pictures. My bad camera and stage lighting were not a good combo.
Cooper with JJ's principal Mrs. Bach.  Love her!

Now here is where I brag a bit on my kid.  I don't like to do it too often but I am so just so darn proud of this boy.

First his Math- I'm pretty sure I could sit down and teach him double digit math, you know where you add the ones, carry your one and add the tens.  He just gets Math, like mother like son :)

He knows all the kindergarten and first grade sight words and I've been told the second grade words will be sent home to practice this summer.  His reading amazes me.  He read a book to me last night and it's been a while since we have read it at home so I know it's not all memorization, and he did the whole thing!  Simply amazing!
They need to be a level 6 and he is a level 14.  

He brought home his journal last week that he has kept since the beginning of the school year. I just love looking back and seeing the progress.  I especially love reading the entries about what we did the weekend before.  He wrote about The Polar Express, basketball, going to Pierce and Hopes, and playing tee ball.  

I've tried not to push him this year, I figure he will get enough of that in future years, but he has surpassed anything I could imagine.  It's hard to believe it's almost over.


Susie said...

They did a great job!!

ginmommy said...

He's so smart!