Thursday, May 29, 2014

It's a Doughnut Party!

I went to Cooper's school today to help with a doughnut party in his classroom.  Their spring fundraiser was selling Krispy Kreme doughnut certificates and Cooper's class as a whole sold the most so they got a party.  I got to go in and help because Cooper was top seller in the whole school!!!  How cool is that.  It was actually Scott that sold all of them for him, but that is another story.  He won $100!  I've known about this since last week and kept it a secret until Tuesday, that was hard.  

So I went in today and helped serve the donuts and Cameron tagged along.  This kid was in heaven!

His teacher played a freeze dance song and Cameron was up running around with all the big kids.  I wished I had video of it.  He thought he was one of them, super cute!

It blows my mind we have 6 days of school left.  I'm excited for the new chapter in our lives but I sure am going to miss kindergarten.

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Jaime Mac said...

That's awesome that Cooper was #1! Doesn't matter how he got there - I'm sure LOTS of kids had their families peddling donuts for them! :)