Monday, August 27, 2012

I've hit a new low

I have blogged, including this one, a total of 7 times this month.  Don't think I'm getting the blogger of the year anytime soon.  So what are my reasons for not blogging?  Glad you asked.  First up I started Community Bible Study two weeks ago.  It meets every Thursday morning for the entire school year.  We get out when schools are out so there are a few free days here and there.  I went to friends day back in the Spring and signed up so I could be sure to get the boys in.  They have their own classes and Cooper's class does their own Bible Study as well.  I think I'm going to really enjoy this.  Tracey is coming as well, although bummer we didn't get in the same core group.  It's an intense study and at least 5 nights as week I'm doing something in my workbook. 
I'm back up and running again.   Last week I made 2.5 miles.  I know it doesn't sound much to some people, but for me it's huge!  I could have gone longer that night, I was feeling great, but it was dark and Steve kept texting me.  I'm at the point now where I am rushing to get out the door as soon as the boys go to bed or I'm running around 7:00 when it's still 90 degrees outside.  Either way I just can't get much more than 2 miles in, I am itching for the weather to cool down so I can start bumping it back up again.  Sometimes it's disappointing to not increase my distance but I could be sitting at home on my rump.  I'll take anything I can get.  Most nights if I run, take my shower, do my Bible Study, it's 10:00 before I get a free moment.  The last thing I want to do is turn on the computer.
Cooper hasn't started school yet, he goes back next week, but once the rest of the world went back it seems we slowed down too.  With the exception of a play date at SIGS with Alicia & Janelle, we have done nothing the past three weeks.  The good thing about that is that I'm not spending money.  We've been meeting my neighbor and her grandson a few days a week, I was best friends with her daughter in high school, and we take the kids exploring.  This morning I had to hose off both kids because they jumped in mud puddles.  Cameron was covered, he had mud in his hair.  They love it!
Cooper had his second soccer practice this past Saturday.  We get this coming Saturday off then we have games the next 6 Saturdays.   4 out of the 6 are at 9:00 so it doesn't interfere with our day too much.  I'm totally grasping here at blog topics, can you tell?
One last story.  My mom is a nurse and she works third shift on Saturday and Sundays.  She also does consulting work on occasion since she has experience in medical records.  She did this in Columbus, OH this past Thursday & Friday.  She called on her way home Friday saying she was close to Louisville but stuck in traffic.  Well Saturday rolls around and I never hear from her.  She usually calls so that was unusual.  It was about 7:00 and I was getting worried, then I realized I hadn't talked to her since she was on her way home.  I think I watch too much CSI because I started thinking she was kidnapped and I needed to drive up 71 and check each exit for her car.  Finally I called her work and turns out she had worked day shift.  Too much CSI, too much CSI!


Jaime Mac said...

We've missed your posts!! Glad you're back to running again. I know it's hard to fit them in with everything else going on so you should be proud of yourself!
Can't wait to see pics of the first day of school!

Alicia Mcafee said...

We have missed you!! SO excited about your running!! Can't wait to do the Polar Bear Grand Prix with you!!!

ginmommy said...

You are doing so awesome with your running! I'm proud of you! Oh and as far as the CSI thing, I'm SO with you. I always jump to dramatic, over the top conclusions well before I should.

Tracey said...

Every time I see a van with no windows, I think of Jack Bauer.
Great job with your running!!!!:)

Jill said...

This is so me right now with blogging. Doing CBS and running at night. . .I can definitely relate! So glad you and Tracey are doing CBS! And yea for running!