Friday, August 10, 2012

Holiday World 2012

I think we saved the best and biggest adventure of the summer for last.  Steve & I took Cooper to Holiday World yesterday.  Steve's parents kept Cameron for us, he isn't exactly our "sit in a stroller all day" kiddo.  We like to call him our spirited child :) 

I can't even begin to tell you how excited Cooper was all week.  He remembered going last year, and he got to spend the day with us alone.  He would tell anyone that would listen this week about it.  I had a dentist appointment at 8 that morning, he would tell people about dropping mommy off at the dentist and him and daddy getting breakfast at McDonald's then picking mommy back up.   It was cute.  Right before we left he thanked Steve's parents for babysitting Cameron so he could go to Holiday World. 

I just love my boys!

The night before we left I thought about how I should have made a bracelet for Cooper that I saw on pinterest.  Most of you have probably seen it, you made a beaded bracelet with your phone number on it.  Turns out I didn't need it after all, they have them there. 
We arrived before the park opened so once they dropped the ropes we were able to get right on just about anything.  The crowds were very low, I think between schools starting and the chance of rain yesterday most people stayed away.

Of all the things we did and seen, Cooper was most afraid of this grandma lady that was the Gobbler's Getaway. 

He loved the Turkey Whirl.  We rode this and the scrambler multiple times.

He was looking forward to two ride; the spider and the doggie ride.  They took out the spider but still had the doggie ride.  In Cooper talk, the doggie ride is the kids roller coaster.

I think he rode this 4 different times.  

Love, love, love this picture!!!

It was much hotter than I had expected.  I was thinking clouds and maybe some rain.  It didn't rain a drop and was sunny almost all day.  The train ride was the perfect opportunity to cool us down.

Steve took Cooper on the Screamin' Eagles.  I love catching their father/son moments from afar.

After a few more rides, lunch, and another couple of rides, it looked like Cooper was done.  He was hot, tired, and just dragging.  We stopped to get  a drink of water and to see what we would do next.  I was really worried he was done for the day, it wasn't even two yet.

After checking out the map (I found this adorable) he said he wanted to do the doggie ride again and get in the water.  We had no intention of doing the water park, slides just aren't his thing but thought if he wanted to get the splash area that would be fine.  He doesn't like stuff in his eyes so how wet can he possible get, right?

Well, think again!  I guess after walking around in the hot sun for 4 hours all fear goes out the window.  He was soaked and could care less.  It was just what he needed.  He perked up after that.  It bought us another couple hours.  We hadn't planned on staying too late anyway since we had a sitter, but there were a few more things to see and do.   I really thought we had him talked into riding the log ride.  He's not afraid of the ride itself, just the water.  We tried to explain he got more wet in the splash park but he wasn't having any of it.

It was off to the carousel instead.  As you can see, it took all of about 5 minutes for him to dry off.

And guess who we ran into?  Santa Claus himself. 

Our last stop was in the Christmas section for the kiddie rides.  This place was empty!  I remember going last year and hitting this up first and being jam packed.  There was one or two other kids in the whole section.  It was perfect! 

While Cooper was on a ride we thought we would take a picture of how we felt at the moment and another of our game face we put on for Cooper. 

We didn't see anyone close by to take a family picture on our way out, so we took two instead.   Besides, it's not really a family picture.  Those will come probably next year.

It was such a fantastic day to spend with our "big one" as we call him.  It was also great to get home and cuddle with our little one.   I am positive he had more fun with Mamaw & Papaw than he would have had with us.  I hope this can be a summer tradition we carry on for years.


Alicia Mcafee said...

SO FUN!! I love that place! I love the one that you and Steve took about how you felt! Isn't that the truth?! Exhausted!

btw, loves steve's shirt!

Susie said...

It is a fun place for kiddos!! Glad you had fun!!

ginmommy said...

What a great day! We haven't been there ever, we so need to fix that! Glad you could go and have a blast :)

Jaime Mac said...

Fun! Love the pics of cooper in the water!

Tracey said...

Yay...I'm so glad you had a great day!!!

melanie said...

I love it..."our spirited child"
we have one of those, or maybe two... it makes me laugh you and cooper are so well put together then there is scruffy steve with a hat... funny
we loved holiday world, did you walk through the water area? you may try next time.. if he liked the sprinklers he would like things in the water area.

Jill said...

Too fun, Jami! We always love a day at Holiday World! :)