Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I guess I should blog

Not much going on here lately.  Makes it hard to find good topics to blog about.  I realized today, after not doing anything all week, that 3 days is probably my max at not having plans.  We needed to get out of this house.  Luckily we have plans the next couple days.

I cleaned off the camera tonight and found this.  Don't remember taking it but it sure is cute.

My mom stopped by today just before Cameron's nap time.  Somehow she convinced Cooper to nap with her on the couch.  Cause you know my mom, she comes over to sleep.  She can do it all she wants if it gets Cooper to nap.  He slept for almost 2 hours! 

Cooper starts soccer practice at Graceland on Saturday, we went out tonight to get him some shin guards and cleats.  My oh my, does he look adorable.  I'll have to get some pictures this weekend at practice.   Steve knows one of our coaches and a friend from church is on our team.  I love it when we know other people.  He seems super excited.  I am too!


ginmommy said...

Your mom cracks me up!

Jaime Mac said...

Your mom sounds like my kinda gal! ;)