Sunday, July 1, 2012

Play dates and Olympics

Sharon brought the kids over on Friday for a play date.  I love it when we can get together.  Cooper and Allie are so good together.  And aren't they just adorable?  Now that Cameron and Wyatt are mobile, they go off and do their own thing too.   Sharon and I can visit with each other more now.

 I had them stand back to back, Allie is getting tall.  Cooper is almost a year older and he isn't much taller.
 When it's hot outside you have to be creative to keep the kids entertained.  We had Olympics in the basement on Saturday.  We played ring toss,

 block stacking,
and bowling pin hurdles.

We even had a podium with medals.  I take no credit for this, it's all Steve.   
We've went swmming several times this week, including tonight. I think I'm finally convinved I can take them by myself now.  The newness of jumping in and out of the pool has finally gotten old so he just swims.  Cooper is doing great again too.  This makes me happy, we pay a hefty homeowners fee to have a pool, we better get use out of it.


ginmommy said...

Oh my! I love the podium and medals!

Jill said...

I am so stealing the Olympics idea! :)

HilaryFarris said...

What a cute way to beat the heat!!

Susie said...

What a good idea for fun inside!!

The McAfee's said...

That is fun! You guys are so creative!