Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The best day I wish I didn't have to have

The one thing that was on the top of my summer bucket list was to take the kids to Bowling Green to spend the day with Gretchen and her kids.  So, so glad we made it yesterday.  We headed out yesterday morning just before 8:30 and the best part of driving down there, with the time change, we arrived at 9:30.  Of course in obnoxious mom fashion we needed group pictures upon arrival.  I'm gonna make a disclaimer here, I realize Cameron always has my phone.  I've  been keeping it out of reach and out of sight, sometimes it's just easier to keep him happy. 

 The Bush family was ready for the pool as soon as we arrived so I got my kids ready and off to the pool we went.  Cameron was content to sit and eat snacks, his current favorite thing to do.  
 Cooper wanted to swim.  Him and Hope were best buds at the pool.   At one point they were pretending something about being at a hotel.  I guess a little mid-day romp, who knows.

 We had been swimming for a while when Brittany called Gretchen to say she was stopping by for a quick swim and bringing lunch.   I was hoping to see her so it worked out perfectly.  I didn't get a picture of the chaos of lunch, but I did get the remnants.  It was a mess.
 Obnoxious mom came out again when we tried another group picture, things didn't go any better with 6 kids.
 We resorted to yelling out words like pee pee's and wee wee's to get them to look and smile.

 It was probably near 2:00 Eastern time before we headed back inside.  We got the big kids settled down with a movie and Cameron, well it took all of about 3 minutes before he was like this. 
 With Cameron napping and a movie on, Gretchen and I got to sit and chat.  It was was so nice to sit back and relax and just talk.  

When Cameron woke up it was back to playtime.   The kids were wild and crazy, running around, playing swords, you name it.  Our only rules were don't break anything and don't hurt anyone.  Luckily they managed both.   At one point things did get quiet and we found Hope and Cooper massaging Pierce's feet.  They were playing a game called, "this is Pierce's room so he makes the rules" or something like that.
 After a gourmet meal of turkey sandwiches we headed back outside to ride some bikes and big wheels.   Who doesn't love a boy on a pink bike?  
 Somehow Cameron ended up jumping in rain puddles, as did Hope.  See that bucket?  He carried it around half the night.  Never once opened it, just wanted to carry it.
 Hope and Cameron were covered in mud and Cooper was covered in sweat so a quick bath was in order before heading home.  Aren't these two cute?   Just an old married couple watching some telly for the night eating some goldfish.
Sadly, it was time to go.  My goal was to leave close to bedtime so they both would fall asleep.   Cameron made it over halfway home before he nodded off and Cooper stayed awake the entire time;  No movie, low music, and very little talking, just awake.  He kept mentioning kisses and hugs before bed.  This meant he didn't get to bed until 10:15, but it was a special day.

The ride home was bittersweet.  It was such a wonderful day but it was also a day I wish I didn't have to have.  I want so bad to meet up at the park in 10 minutes, or a last minute trip to get ice cream.  And until that day can happen again, I will gladly make the two hour trip south.    


HilaryFarris said...

Such a sweet day! I'm glad she is still close enough for a day visit!

ginmommy said...

It was a great day! Thankful you were willing to travel 4 hours with 2 kids just to see us. We LOVED having you guys!! See you again soon!!

Susie said...

Glad to see you were able to have so fun times with your friend and the kids enjoyed themselves.

Jaime Mac said...

I'm so glad you could make the trip! What a fun day with your friend!

(UHM, mid day romp? Hilarious!)

The McAfee's said...

What a fun day!! I love laid-back days like that!! :)

Tracey said...

Fun, fun stuff! I miss that girl. :( I see lots more trips in our future!

melanie said...

Great day. So glad u got to enjoy being together