Monday, July 2, 2012

Major Bummer!

A couple weeks ago I posted about the couch to 5K and how I've been training for the Color Run.  I took a couple days off because of the heat and stared running the mornings.  I had to do a shorter run to catch back up, but this morning I got back on track doing day 1 of week 8.  It was a 25 minute jog, like I said I'm a  little slow, it was 2.09 miles.  The most I have ever in my life ran.  Do you y'all remember the physical fitness tests we would do in school?  I was always, and I mean always, one of the last to finish the mile run.  I couldn't even run one lap around the track. 

Later in the morning I was making out our July calendar on our dry erase board.  I got to the end of the month and 29th fell on a Sunday.  Well that's not right because the Color Run is the 29th.  I recounted my days, checked a real calendar, and even doubled checked the website.  The Color Run is in fact the 29th and it is in fact a Sunday.  I don't know why I just assumed it was a Saturday, I mean it's not like the world shuts down for church on Sunday mornings. 

This is a major bummer!  I don't know how I can pull it off and still go.  Steve volunteers with our junior and senior high and leads a small group.  He gets home just before 1.  Even if the kids could stay at church for both services, Steve gets out later than adult church so the childcare workers will already be gone.  My in-laws also have some type of Sunday School class they stay for as well.  It's a bummer, that's for sure.  I'm obviously going to continue the program and I'm sure there will be another race to run.  This one just looked like a lot of fun.

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The McAfee's said...

BUMMER!! Can you still try to find someone to help you out with the kids? Maybe Steve could get someone to cover for him so he could leave early to get the boys. Just a thought. I hate that you are going to miss it! I will run another one with you though.