Saturday, July 28, 2012

Family Fun Night

Steve & I have had a lot going on this week, so much so that one of us was pretty much gone every night this week.  We decided that tonight should be a family fun night.  Once Cameron woke from his nap we gave the kids a quick snack and headed to Bob Hedge Park.   With such low humidity tonight it felt great out. 

 This little one was a wild man running all over the place.

 What a good daddy!

 Someone thinks he is much bigger than he really is.
 After the park we went to Sweet Frog, yup he had frozen yogurt for dinner.  Why not?

We also let the kids take a bath in the big bathtub tonight.  Fun times!


Susie said...

Yummy, love Sweet Frog!!

Jill said...

It was definitely a NICE night to be outside. Love Bob Hedge Park. We still haven't tried Sweet Frog, but all those froyo place look so yummy! :)

Alicia Mcafee said...

Love me some Sweet Frog!! :) :)

melanie said...

We got to check out this park this summer and love it! I would say one of the best playgrounds for small kids.

Great family fun and you can't help but smile while sliding and swinging with your kids