Sunday, July 8, 2012

Exciting Times

Sit back and relax because you are about to read about one exciting weekend.  {take note of sarcasm here}

Friday night was our small group, probably the highlight of our weekend.  I need to do a blog post on everyone, I'll try and take my camera one time.  We meet every other Friday, it's a great group of people.  It's so important to fellowship with other believers outside of church.

Steve had to work on Saturday, as he did on the 4th.  I try not to be such a downer about it, I realize that millions of Americans are without a job, so I hate to be a downer about it.  It's just a bummer when he works weekends or holidays.   This  Saturday he worked his PRN job, which is always extra money and helps us to buy fun things like laptops and possibly a new tv soon.  I'm pretty sure the boys and I stayed in our pj's almost all day.  The mail came while Cameron was napping and we got our caterpillars in the mail, although I'm almost certain only 1 is alive.   They guarantee at least 3 emerging butterflies, I'm supposed to give it a few days to a week to see if they have any movement before I see about getting replacements. 
 Once Cameron woke up it was time to get everyone ready to go to Scott's.  We always celebrate the fourth of July at this place.  We delayed it until the weekend since the 4th fell in the middle of the week.  For whatever reason Cooper packed a backpack.  He said it was a holiday so he wanted to toys with him.
 He insisted on taking my picture.  I think I may have been as excited as he was to get out of the house.
 I was in charge of dessert.  I'm quite proud of this.  I saw it in pinterest.  I have made cake balls several times before, so why not put it in an American Flag.  They were yummy too.
 Instead of running around outside we all packed inside and watched The Polar Express.  Scott did grill out, we opted to eat inside.

We left his house around 7:30 to head home when I noticed on Facebook that a few people were without power.  None of them were close to us but they weren't close to each other either.  It seemed wide spread.  It helped to prepare us for pulling into the driveway and the garage door opener not working.  Turns out a transformer had blown and REMC needed to get something from Bloomington to repair it.  We ran inside, threw some pajamas into a bag, grabbed the pack n play, and headed to my in-laws.  We had plans of giving it till about 10:00 and calling around to see if power was back on, around 9:15 we heard from REMC it would be around 3:00 am before it was back on.   We decided to call it a night and head downstairs to my in-laws basement to set up shop.  Cameron slept in the pack n play in their downstairs family room and Cooper slept with us in Steve's old bedroom.  When Cooper stays with them he sleeps on a crib mattress, somehow he ended up in bed with me and Steve took the mattress.  We all slept miserably.  Cooper was up by 6.
We probably could have stayed at our house if we had furniture in the basement.  Steve's parents are downsizing into a patio home, when they do they are giving us a couch and Steve's old bed.   Totally could have used that this weekend.

We left his parents house just before 8 this morning, the power was back on so we quickly got ready and made it to church on time by 9:30.  We are good!!!  Steve helped out with youth and got home around 1, by 2 we were all sound asleep.  Cooper slept longer than Cameron.  He doesn't nap in his bed, it has to be the couch or our bed with us.  Doesn't matter to me where he naps, as long as I can get him to nap on occasion.

After naps I made a quick dinner and Steve headed back to church for another youth event.  The boys and I hung out, my mom stopped by, and we got ready for bed.  You're totally jealous of my weekend, aren't ya?    I would be.


Jaime Mac said...

You are so funny! I enjoyed reading about your weekend. Sounds pretty action packed with the no electric incident!

ginmommy said...

Sounds about as exciting as our weekend ;)

Amy said...

Loved the red, white, and blue cake balls. They look yummy! Our power was out too! I'm way more appreciative of our A/C now. haha :)

Jill said...

LOVE the cake ball "cake". We almost headed to my parents Saturday night, but we made it. Not sure we could have made it much longer though!