Thursday, July 26, 2012

Let the fun begin

With Gretchen in town this week I knew there was fun to be had and so far it hasn't been a disappointment.  Monday I took the boys over to Tracey's parents house to swim then we met back up with everyone that evening at Tracey's.  I have a feeling these two would be great friends if we lived closer, I do believe Cooper may be smitten.  Maybe one day I will be a guest at the Robinson holiday table.

 Since Monday was about the kids, Wednesday was all about the adults.  If you remember last year a bunch of us bloggers got together for one giant play date with all the kids.  Alicia was kind enough to open her home then and she was kind enough to do it again this year.  We changed things up a bit and made it adults only.   Check out all our yummy food.  
 Don't let Alicia's new blog fool you, she splurges once in a while.  We teased her all night about her bite of meatloaf she had for dinner once.  In all seriousness though, I admire her dedication and will power.
 Once the kids went to bed Daniel crashed the party for a few minutes.  He could come in handy later on.
 We tried a self portrait but with Gretchen's eye being the only visible part of her body we called Daniel back downstairs. 

 Then I found this on my camera.
 Thank you Alicia once again!  It was a fun night and it's great to get to know all these girls outside of our blogs.  Although I feel like I've known some of them for years now. 

Today the focus was back on the kids.   Gretchen and Tracey had plans on taking the kids to Chuck E Cheese.  Sharon was supposed to come over for a play date but Wyatt was sick.  Chuck E Cheese was a good back-up since I knew Cooper would be sad that Allie couldn't come over.  Worked out perfect.
In no time I saw this.   They just can't get any cuter!!!! 
 And these two as well. 

 Cooper and Cameron were all over the skee ball today.  Cooper is actually getting pretty good.  He hit some big numbers a few times.  

 If it takes an afternoon at Chuck E Cheese to see these two girls, then I'm all in.


Susie said...

What a great looking time!!

Jaime Mac said...

Cooper & Hope are too stinkin' cute together!

the lewis gang said...

i can't imagine living away from my bff! i bet you guys just eat up your time together. enjoy the rest of gretchen's visit!!

Alicia Mcafee said...

I love all the ones of me stuffing my face like it's my last meal!