Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wee One's Easter Party

Cooper had his school Easter Party this morning. I was concerned we wouldn't make it, he has had a nasty little stomach bug since Sunday. We cancelled pretty much everything else this week, including school on Tuesday. He was incident free on Wednesday so I felt confident he would be okay, plus I would be there to recognize the signs that he wasn't feeling well.

I was in charge of bringing some hard boiled eggs and I wanted to also make a snack for the kids to take home. I found a recipe for "bunny bait" on Pinterest. I think I made too big of a batch so the piece didn't stick together like I thought they would, still quite delicious. You take pretzel sticks, popcorn, and M&M's, and mix it all together.

Lay it out on a pan and top with sprinkles. I think it was supposed to stick together, mine didn't. I had to make enough for 25 kids, I just don't think I had enough chocolate.
I was scared this morning that he wouldn't want to go. I think he has been scared to leave the house. Without going into details, we had to use pull ups for two days. Lots and lots of involuntary accidents. Today he was all smiles and ready to go. It probably helped that Scott came with us. I asked him a while back and he remembered and took the morning off to go.They started off with an egg hunt. We had to stay inside since it was raining at the time. He got more than one egg this time too :)
He was all about opening the egg to see what was in it before putting it in his basket.
His first craft was an Easter Egg coloring sheet. We didn't get to keep this, it goes in our Memory Box which we will get at the end of the school year next year.

Then came the Easter Bunny. I was originally going to do this, the costume is made for shorter people. They had to find a replacement when I didn't know if we would make it, probably a good thing. Cooper got scared at first, for like 2 seconds though, and then everything was fine.Scott helped him with his bookmark craft. He loved having him there.Next up coloring eggs. No surprise, he wanted a blue egg, his favorite color.Just being silly!
Snack was cereal, he gobbled it down. I guess after not eating for two days the little guy was hungry.
The party was a huge success! Amy G helped organize it, this is her second child in Wee One's, she is an old pro by now.
I am so thankful he was feeling good enough to go. I have been praying for the past couple days, he was just so miserable. I think it did us all good to get out of the house for a bit too. I can't believe we have just over a month left of school. It has went by so incredibly fast. This time next year we will be registering for kindergarten. It's hard to believe.


ginmommy said...

So glad, he got better in time for the party! But I'm totally bummin that YOU were not the bunny!! ;) Can't wait to seeeee youuuuuu!!

Susie said...

Must of been party day for the preschools. Ellie had hers too. Glad Cooper enjoyed himself!! That was nice of Uncle Scott to help!!

the lewis gang said...

the stomach bug is the worst at this age. they are potty trained, but still don't have control. jackson has it a few months ago and he was finally able to control it enough. poor guy! glad he is so much better though!

Jill said...

Too fun! So glad Cooper is feeling better. That stomach bug is no fun!