Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Catching Up

I seem to be in this big bad blog funk. It used to be absolute favorite thing to do in the evenings, now I just can't seem to get into it. I've been pricing things for a yard sale and I just started a new Bible Study on Monday mornings. There are 5 days of reading and questions to do each week, I guess blogging just hasn't been a priority lately. I hate that. It's just a good outlet.
As you all know Gretchen was in town last week. If Tracey got to see her 829 times then I got to see her 828, minus one for church. It was a really good week. Things have settled down a bit and we are back to our routines. Like when things get quiet, it usually means Cameron is up to no good. Like trying to brush his own teeth. He gets the step stool and carries it around the house looking for things to do.Steve went up to Bloomington on Saturday for their spring football practice. I let the boys eat breakfast in the living room while watching a show. Cute beyond words people.
We managed to carry out just about every single toy we had that day, including the piggy bank. They love to dump the money out and put it back.
Tracey brought the kids over for a bit before Levi's tee ball pictures. She showed up with a McDonald's Diet Coke. If you want me to be your best friend, bring me a diet.
Later while Cameron was napping, Cooper suggested he take a nap on the couch. He never takes nap anymore and he has never just laid down and fallen asleep. Well I be darn, that kid fell asleep on the couch.
Steve's football game got rained out after the first quarter so they came back home. Cooper was still napping. Cameron woke up and he was still napping. We ended up having to wake him up.
Today was our busy day. We have four more Tuesday's left of school and speech and I couldn't' be more happy. I've already put in a request that speech be held on a school day next year, instead of 45 minutes later I'm asking for it be right after school. We had a few extra minutes this morning so I tried to get some pictures of the boys since I also seem to be in a picture taking funk as well.
Cameron is still doing well the in nursery at church. He is even doing well during my Bible Study. He stayed at my mom's today while I took Cooper to speech. He's only done this one other time and cried the whole time. He didn't cry at all today. I think we are making strides!
After this weekend our yard sale will be over so hopefully I can have more time to blog again. I'm almost done pricing things. It's amazing how much stuff we have. We donated things after we moved for a benefit yard sale last year and had a yard sale of our own. Where does this stuff come from?


ginmommy said...

Yeah, we have a bunch of junk too!! Hopefully you do good on your yard sale. Cute pics!

Tracey said...

Nothing better than a diet on a Sat morning. :)

Jaime Mac said...

Sorry to hear you're in a blogging funk. I hate that because a) I know it's a sad place to be & b) I enjoy reading your blog! Hope you are feeling better about it soon! :)