Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dinner with Friends and Shopping

I am going to have to refer you to Gretchen's blog, specifically here and here. I never got my camera out either time and well, Gretchen's story telling is much better than mine.

Friday night we went out to dinner and back to Tracey and Eric's house for Paul's birthday. Gretchen's kids are on Spring Break so she in the land of paradise for almost a full week. It had been forever since Steve and I got together with this group. Lots of fun!!

The fun continued on Saturday, I went shopping! Remember the time I had to cancel my little trip to Bowling Green? Well ever since I have been saving up so I could do some shopping. Tracey and Gretchen were so sweet to come with. The sales lady in Gap even picked up on the fact they were my moral support, maybe because it was my second trip in there. I would never buy orange flip flops on my own.

Be sure to check out G's blog, especially from Friday. There are some awesome pics!!!!

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