Monday, April 23, 2012

In which I blather on about my day

In an effort to get back into the swing of things on this blog, I thought I might tell you about my day, my entire day!  I had Bible Study this morning, they have childcare so I usually take the boys but this morning Steve's parents came over.  I had to run a few errands, one of which was renewing my license.  Since we moved this past year I can't do in it online.  Wouldn't you know it, the license branch is closed on Mondays.  Now I have to take a kid with me, I think I would rather cut my toe off than try to entertain my children inside the BMV. 

Fast forward to Cameron's nap time and Cooper brought out some blocks for us to build some things.  First he needed up to take my picture and I had to get his.  I had asked him to grab my camera and he came out wearing my sunglasses.

A half hour later I produced this masterpiece.  Cooper was no help at all.

When Cameron woke up I thought I would take a few post nap pics when I realized he still had on his pajamas and it was 3:30.   Busy day around here for these kids.
After dinner Steve suggested we drive down by the river and play at the park.  We were over halfway there when Steve started laughing about Cameron still wearing some sunglasses, I didn't even know he had them on.  I turned around, extreme cuteness!!!!
 Just because he is cute too.
I'm pretty sure the entire time at the park Cameron was thinking where has this been my whole life, I have the coolest parents ever!  When you have one kid who is timid and needs and wants your help at a park and then the other kid is a while child but is still a little too young to do it all on his own, going to a park can be hard on just one parent.  Give us about 6 months and I guarantee Cameron will be running around without any concern for me while Cooper is still at my side.  I love it though, I love their distinct different personalities.

 Cooper stuck with the baby slide while Cameron was all about the bigger slide. 

We were a little chilly down by the river, but it didn't matter, these boys had a blast.  It was nice to get out for a bit and run off some energy. 

Since we were close by we stopped by Steve's parents house.  His mom took home a load of laundry for us and she had it all done and folded for us.  Maybe this wont be so bad after all not having a washing machine.   She also had some snacks all ready to go for the kids.  I love watching Cameron over at their house, especially now that he is over his separation issues.  His favorite spot is their brick fireplace.  Makes me a little nervous, especially if he gets going a little too fast, he kept walking over their tonight and sitting down to eat his snack.   Cooper would do the same thing when he was that age.

We got home shortly before bedtime and they were exhausted. Cameron crashed on me while I was putting him to bed.  Looking froward to many more nights spent outdoors this summer. 


Susie said...

Sounds fun at the park!!

Jaime Mac said...

Glad you're trying to get back in the blogging swing. I hope it rubs off on me. Sigh.
I can tell in the first pic your hair is really growing!

ginmommy said...

Your hair does really look long! BRING ON SUMMER!!

The McAfee's said...

YES your hair is getting longer! :)