Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekend Recap #908230483

I don't really have a catchy title for this weekend, come to think of it I never really have a catchy title. Once again not a lot going on this weekend. The kids woke up earlier than usual so Steve suggested we head out for breakfast to help pass the morning. We chose Steak N Shake which is odd because we rarely go there, however it wasn't disappointing. I one point I looked up and Cooper was sitting up next to Steve and it was so cute. I got out the camera and then he got cheesy. We spent the rest of the day just hanging out and napping. Cooper slept for almost 2 hours, that never happens! May have to do with not getting a nap all week and waking up early that day. Steve had plans to take Cooper to his parents for dinner and then to the Clarksville basketball game while Cameron and I stayed at home. That is when I watch mindless television. It didn't last long before Steve called and said the game was cancelled. I guess they were playing a team from Seymour and the roads were bad up there. They ended up at the Pie Kitchen instead. I would say they got the better end of the deal. After we put the kids to bed I headed to Tracey's because guess who was in town?

It was awesome to sit around and just chat. Loved it! We are working on our big spring shopping trip plans.

Steve had plans today after church so we brought McDonald's home for a quick lunch. We all sat down and he was about to pray for us when Cooper said he wanted to do it. It was A-dorable! He thanked God for a wonderful day at church. How awesome is that?

Tonight we did a first in the new house, we made a tent.

We realized we hadn't made a tent here before when we got out the kitchen chairs. Our old ones weren't as heavy and the blankets would sometimes pull them backwards. Our new ones are heavier and we don't have to worry about it. Cameron tried crawling in the tent between two chairs. Is it wrong we grab a camera to take a picture of him getting stuck before we actually help him?

Look at this... Cooper took this picture. Super cute!

Steve is on vacation this coming week so it may be a great one or I may be pulling my hair out by week's end, it could go either way.

And another first in our house, tonight will mark the first time we have had to worry about bad storms in the middle of the night. We have our disaster plan in place. I have a closet set up with blankets downstairs. We are good to go, I just pray we don't have to use it.


Susie said...

To funny about Cameron getting stuck!! I do the same thing about taking pictures first before helping them get out.

ginmommy said...

Oh no, I think all blogging mom's take a picture THEN save the child!! Ha! So, glad I could see you this weekend :))))

Tracey said...

Haha, blog first, safety second!!!

Can't wait till spring...