Sunday, January 22, 2012

My little stinker

Cameron is becoming quite the character. He can make he laugh and want to pull out my hair all in the minute. Yet I can't help but just want to pick him up and squeeze him cause he is so darn cute. He has started this thing of going into our pantry, getting out food and bringing it to someone on the off chance they may actually give it to him. Steve's parents were here one night and I happened to be cooking dinner at the time. I guess he found it to be the perfect opportunity to bring Steve's dad fruit snacks. This was his loot by the time they left. He kept bringing more and more to him. That same night we got out the play doh. I thought Cameron was crying because he wanted to get into our tub and pull out things and make a big mess. Nope, he just wanted to sit inside.

By the way, this was my 1,000th post!


ginmommy said...

1,000!!! Woot!

Jaime Mac said...

1000? Wow that's a big milestone!