Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups

Tonight I made a fun treat for us that I found on Grass Stains blog. If you haven't read her blog, you need to do so. She puts the Hi in Hi-larious!

You take a cupcake pan and turn in over. Put thick slices of cookie dough on top. Bake as package says. Mine was 12 minutes on 350. Let them cool and carefully remove from pan.

Viola... you have a chocolate chip cookie cup.

Add some ice cream, and Mickey Mouse sprinkles if you wish, and serve! Wish we would have had some chocolate syrup to go with, I'm sure it would have made them even yummier.

Cooper was all business about his. Could have also had to do with the fact he couldn't take his eyes off of Peter Pan which was playing on the television.

Cameron didn't really care for the ice cream much, he just wanted the cookie. Can't say I blame him, that was my favorite part too.

Typical Cameron smile.

These are a must try for anyone wanting to do something different with their ice cream.


ginmommy said...

Those look super yummy!

Jill said...!!! Will be trying this recipe out for sure!

Tracey said...

Yum. :)
Love Grass Stains!