Friday, October 23, 2015

Disney Day 8- Mickey's Not so Scary Halloween Party

Friday was the day I had been looking forward to for year- Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Pat 
The Halloween Party is a special ticketed event that the Magic Kingdom holds several nights a week beginning in mid September through the end of October. I have always, always wanted to go. Steve almost talked me out of it, it's expensive and the good stuff doesn't even begin till later in the evening. If you don't purchase a ticket they make you leave by 7, the party is so popular all remaining parties have been sold out.

We spent a couple hours at Epcot that morning just to kill some time and got to Magic Kingdom around 2.  Normally you can't get in till 4 for the party but we had a day left on our ticket.  I was so excited.

Words cannot express how much this kid loved Splash Mountain and I loved riding it with him. He would remind me to hold him during the big drop.

Gaston's Tavern.

We finally got our fastpass for 7 Dwarfs Mine Train.

We had some time so why not ride the carousel.

I love this of him waving.

Tea Cups.

We had dinner at Be Our Guest.  

It's inside the Beast's castle

This place is breathtaking.

Be sure to try the grey stuff, it's delicious, don't believe me ask the dishes :)

During dinner you get the opportunity to meet the Beast.

After dinner we got our costumes on.  Go Hoosiers!!!

We had time for a few rides before the parade.  We did the early parade which begins at 8:30, next time I would skip this and do some rides and stick around for the later 11:15 parade.

The parade begins with the headless horseman.

My favorite float :)

Guess who fell asleep?  Rest assured he woke up and had more fun.

I didn't get any pictures of it but Haunted Mansion is super fun during the party.  They have someone out dressed as ghost interacting with the guests and special photo opportunities.  This is one reason I would skip the early parade cause everyone went straight to Haunted Mansion.  

After that we split up, Cooper and Steve headed to Space Mountain again while Cameron and I did splash mountain.

As we were walking to meet up with Steve and Coop, the fireworks were going off.  They were amazing. 

We hung out and did the Monster's Inc Dance Party.

My mom spent most of the evening somewhere on Main Street watching the show on the castle stage, and resting her knee.  It was nearing 11 so we headed there to find her, stopping for a few more family photos.

By the time we left people were lining up for the late parade.  The early one is more crowded and you need to line up earlier, if you can make it till midnight, do the late one and you will get more things done.

As we were leaving I noticed this sign in pumpkins- See ya real soon!

I'm not for sure how soon we will return.  It took us 2 years to save for this trip, so at least 2 maybe 3.  Downside- Cooper will be considered an adult in 3 years. Whenever it is- we will keep the memories!


Susie said...

Glad you all had lots of fun!!

ginmommy said...

I know how much you love it! You guys are cute :-)