Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Disney Day 6- Animal Kingdom

Tuesday- Animal Kingdom.

Animal Kingdom is such a visually beautiful park.  
Inside that beautiful park are some not so beautiful things, like snakes, which my kids touched.

Tree of Life

I have no idea what Cameron is doing in these.

It's tough to be a bug.  If you ever find yourself at Animal Kingdom, don't skip this, you may have some surprises.

I took a ton of pictures on the safari but accidentally deleted them off the computer.  Giraffe are free to roam free so we always end up getting close to those.

As we came off the ride to find our stroller I saw the best thing all week, a squirrel had gotten into another stroller and stole off with a bagged sandwich.  I don't make these things up.

More photopass

We were being tigers, or lions, I think tigers.

Expedition Everest.  I got fastpasses for us all even though Cameron is too small, Steve & I took Cooper then we switched out magic bands and Steve took Cooper again.  It's the only time Cameron actually got sad he couldn't do something that Cooper could.  I think because the other two rides where indoors and this mainly outdoors and you could see it.  I felt bad for the poor little guy, he handled it well.

Dinosaur ride.  

Kali River Rapids.  Steve took a video camera and it's waterproof so we taped this ride.  We watched it on the computer one night and get a still of this.  I'm the far right and my mom is the chicken in the white poncho. Awesome!!  I actually didn't as wet as I thought I would.  It's possible to come off this ride like you just got out of the shower with your clothes on.

We took a train ride to a place called Rafiki's Planet Watch, and we meet Rafiki.

They also had a petting zoo and a lab where they were studying poop- Match the feces to the species. 

More hula.

We've been watching a show on Netflix, was on Disney, called Kickin' It.  It's about kids and karate.  There is a character called Falafal Phil, he sells falafal balls, Animal Kingdom had a snack cart that sold them too. My picky eaters tried them and Cameron actually ate two.  They very spicy and the insides looked gross, but were actually pretty good. 

We had dinner that night at Boma inside Animal Kingdom Lodge.  It was an African inspired buffet, Another must try. My mom is just as picky as my kids and only like things like Don Pablos so she didn't care for my choices but Steve and I loved it. 
Animal Kingdom Lodge is beautiful and it has rooms that overlook a savannah with that animals that roam around.  

The only problem with the resort is the location. It's so far away from everything.  We took a bus to downtown Disney and a boat back to our resort so it was about an hour travel time.  They read books.

We suck away later that night for a stop at the poolside bar.  I don't know who we needed a break from more, my kids or my mom :)

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