Monday, October 19, 2015

Disney Day 4- Chef Mickey and Downtown Disney

We scheduled an off day for Sunday.  I wanted to do Chef Mickey but didn't want to get so early just to eat all before the parks opened.  We go to take our time, relax, and spend time just around our resort.  

We met the other door guy, his name was Steve :)

Chef Mickey!

Cooper takes after me so much, he looks so miserable here and once he gets food he's all happy again.

Goofy led a dance party.




Minnie grabbed Cameron and led him around the room.  So cute!

Steve went back to the resort and my mom and I took the boys back to Downtown Disney to do some shopping.  It rained on and off this day and my little diva needed a poncho.

The boys were all about the Lego store but I was all about Goofy's Candy Company.

You can make your own creations with marshmallows, pretzel sticks, apples, or Mickey rice krispies.  Cooper was in heaven, Cameron could care less.

I got dark chocolate and butterfingers, my two favorite things.

Boat ride home.

Later that afternoon we took a walk to Riverside and rented a surrey bike. 

This bike ride was a hoot.  Cameron wasn't completely under the canopy so he got rained on, Steve and I did all the pedaling but he would randomly quit to video, do you know how hard it is to pedal that big ol' thing with four people inside.  Steve tried to let Cooper steer but he pretty much ran us off road and into the water, my wheel was a fake on but don't think I didn't turn that with all I had when I thought we were going off trail.  Probably one of my favorite things we did and it had nothing to do with the parks. 

The rained cleared up so we went swimming again.  Cameron could not get enough of this slide.

It was fun, but no pictures of me :)

After dinner at our resort we played at the arcade some.

On our way back to the room we noticed they were roasting marshmallows beside our building.  A fun way to end our evening.