Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Disney Day 5- EPCOT

We headed out Monday morning to EPCOT.  I knew that there were several people from our area going to Disney the same week and I even knew Alicia had plans for EPCOT the same day as us but I knew expected to actually see her.  

In line to get in and I turn around and there she is.  It really is a small word after all, see what I did there?

Our first stop was Test Track, super fun ride.  Fastest in all for Disney actually, gets up to almost 65 mph.  There's a catch though, it's one of the two most popular rides in all of Epcot and you can't have a fast pass for both at the same time.  We waited for maybe a half hour but it jumped to 55 minutes while we were in line.

Cool thing is they have fun interactive things to do while waiting like design your own virtual car.

Test Track hair.  It looks like I have Mickey ears on but it's really just strands of hair sticking up.

Playing around in the Chevy showroom.

Epcot is a huge park with more things to look and explore than ride, like get eaten by Bruce the Shark.

We did some exploring before heading to World Showcase.  We started out in Mexico for lunch.  

When Disney puts up walls for construction they also put up these quotes all over the parks.  I love them!

Steve finally got to try out school bread from Norway.  He said it would have been a lot better had he not been stuffed from lunch.

Just an idea of how big this park is, that is the lake you walk around to get back to World Showcase.

Randomly Cameron said, I'm gonna take a nap, and he sure did.

A couple more of my favorite pictures.

It was also food and wine festival, in addition to the countries already in World Showcase,there are several other vendors set up selling samples of food, beer, and wines from other countries.  I need to come back to this without kids.  

Back at the front of the park there is a place called Club Cool where you can sample drinks from other countries.  There is something called The Beverly, most disgusting thing I ever tasted.  Would be super fun to play a trick on someone though.

Somewhere in here we got to ride Soarin'.  It was my mom's only request and it's a good thing she got on, they are refurbishing it and it's gonna be closed a good portion of early 2016.

Trying on hats.

We left somewhere around dinner time.  It's the one park we haven't stayed to watch a nighttime show.  Maybe next time.  I think maybe this night we went swimming some more and it may have also been the night we ate dinner after dark on the floor of our room.  It's was thumbs up day all around.

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bethjosh said...

Hilarious that our Epcot days were so different. I missed out on so much! LOL