Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Show and Tell Tuesdays: Groundhog Day

I found a super fun idea on Mix and Match's blog that originated on Momfessional's blog.

It's a new blog topic every other Tuesday and today happens to be Groundhog Day; the day you would relive over and over if you could.  

Here is a list for the year if you would like to follow along.

As I was trying to figure out that one day the obvious popped into my mind; wedding day and births of Cooper and Cameron.  Without a doubt I would relive my wedding day time and time again.  It was so fun and I was laid back, I spent the day with my closest friends, married the guy I had been in love with since I was 19, it was just perfect.

But I'm not gonna go with that. I also didn't want to go with the boys birth dates and really didn't want to do anything before Cameron was born cause that I would be like leaving him out.  My life  wasn't fully complete until he came along and completed our family.  This moment right here to be exact.  Look at my babies.

So I decided to flip through some old blog posts and come across a couple that I would go back in time and do over and over again if God would allow.

First one comes to you from this post from May 2013.  It almost mirrors this post when we blogged about what our perfect day would look like.

It was full day spent in the Magic Kingdom and our kids couldn't have been more well behaved in the middle of the chaos that Disney World offers.  

This day of course would plum wear me out.  
 So let's look for something a little more laid back.

This was a little harder so I didn't go too far back. My day wouldn't have to be this exact but it would be all 4 of us at home just being us and ending in our favorite family tradition of our carriage ride through Charlestown and Christmas lights.  This is from just this past December.

Of course any day with my gals would be included.  Like this one when we had a full day of shopping and a movie premiere, a trip to Nashville, and anytime with this gal doing what we love best which of course is shopping.

So I guess you would say I can't pick just one.  But you could throw a whole lot of these days together and life would be grand.


ginmommy said...

Well that's so fun! I'm so glad I made it :-)

Susie said...

Some great memories for you!!

Jaime Mac said...

This is a fun idea! I like it!