Sunday, December 14, 2014

Family Fun Day

It had been 7 weeks since we've had a free Saturday without basketball games, Steve working, or trips to Bloomington.  7 weeks y'all!  It was much needed to have a day at home with one another.

We started out breakfast at Panera.  I had asked them for a good picture and this is what I got.  

I have no chance with these three.

Once home we got to work on some homemade cinnamon applesauce ornaments. I don't have the exact recipe, I'm sure it's on Pinterest. I just know it's a lot of cinnamon.

We rolled it out and used some cookie cutters and baked for a couple hours on a really low temperature.   Then we let me sit overnight before decorating.

Saturday night we had our annual carriage ride through town.  We could only get a late reservation so I made the boys change into their new Christmas pj's before, Cooper wasn't too thrilled about his.  He has come around though.

It was the perfect night, cold but not too cold.

It's one of my very favorite things we do all year,

After church today we decorated our ornaments.  Mine and Cooper's are on the top, although I totally messed up my tree, the green one.  I accidentally spilled the glitter on it.  Steve's are on the bottom row, yeah he's a show off. 

I am so grateful we had this time to slow down and just enjoy one another this weekend.  Weekends with nothing at all to do are few and far between.  


Susie said...

Cute ornaments!!

ginmommy said...

Do the ornaments just last a while? Did you hang them on the tree?

Jaime Mac said...

No you don't stand a chance. The kids get it honest though... :)