Monday, July 1, 2013

Epic Saturday

Today I'm coming off of what was the most epic Saturday ever!  No really, it was great.  It started off meeting Gretchen & Tracey for some shopping, like all day shopping.  I've been saving my money and has some birthday money and I was ready to go.   It doesn't matter how much time we have it's never enough with these girls.
Saturday night was extra special, especially for Gretchen.  About two years ago it was announced at church that Eastside would be backing a special movie project titled Jackson's Run.  It was a faith based filmed and our church would serve as a production company and location for filming some scenes.  They even filmed right in front of me during service one day.  Then one day Gretchen mentions her brother is the writer, producer, and an actor in the film.  I had heard so much about the movie at church I couldn't believe it.  Saturday night was the premiere at The Palace and we all dressed ourselves up and headed out for the VIP section. 
I looked all day for the perfect pair of shoes and finally found them, I love them.  Maybe a little too much.

 Eric & Steve also joined us for the event.  A full day with the girls and an evening out with my man, what could be better?

The movie was great!!  Gretchen's brother did a great job at acting, one of the better ones in the movie.  It was neat to see our church and all the other local establishments they used.  Remember how they filmed right in front of me?  That was for a scene at the end of the movie, the panned out and guess who got about a .50 second glimpse on camera?  Me... nope!  My in-laws.  So close.  There was an empty seat between me and my father-in-law and it didn't go over far enough.  I just this close to my big screen debut and I missed it.  Maybe next time.


Susie said...

Sounds like a fun day and night!!

Alicia Mcafee said...

That's fun!! You girls looked so darn cute!! Love your shoes!! What size are they? ha! :)

Jaime Mac said...

Your shoes are cute, but I LOVE your dress! What a fun day! SHOPPING!

ginmommy said...

We are cute, aren't we?!

Tracey said...

So much fun! Had a great day :)