Monday, February 2, 2015

Dogs, Bowling, and Running

Wee Ones has been having show n' tell the past couple weeks.  It's not secret my kids are slightly afraid of dogs.  One on particular day someone wanted to bring in their dog, it was a big one.  I thought about staying but decided he needs to learn on his own.  Imagine my surprise when I get a text from my friend Laura who has been subbing at Wee Ones... that is my son giving the dog a treat.  Way to go Cameron!

Scott called me a couple weeks ago asking me to keep January 31st open, he said he calling in a few favors and may have extra tickets to the IU game.  Thankfully we kept it a secret because it fell through and we didn't get to go.  We were gonna have to pay at least face value for the tickets so when Saturday rolled around we had some extra cash and was it burning a hole.  We opted for some bowling.  Despite his demeanor, Cooper was excited.

He's not half bad either, he did beat me.  Granted he also had bumpers.

Last summer I signed them up for kids bowl free at Hoosier Lanes, kids got to bowl one game free per week.  We only went once, mainly because I signed them up late.  I hope they have it again this summer, I think you could pay $25 and parents could bowl all summer too.  Pretty good deal.

I haven't talked much about my mini marathon training so I thought I would spend some time on that.  One of the biggest obstacles in the past was the time it would take away form my family.  Now with Cameron in preschool I have a good system worked out.  I run 4 days a week and sometimes just 3.  One day is a quick 3 miles where I run sometimes up to a minute a half faster per mile than I do my long run.  If I skip a run, it's this one.  I usually do it on Sundays, here soon I'm gonna meet my cousin on Monday mornings.  That will be nice because it will free up Sunday afternoons for me.  If we are busy then I just skip it. not a huge deal.
Two days a week I run 3 or 4 miles, come March and April it will be 4 or 5.  I usually do these on Tuesday and Thursday mornings when Cameron is in school.  I have just enough time to drop him off, get home and run and shower, and go pick him up.  Once we hit daylight savings time, I'm hoping to do one of these in the evening to free up at least one day he is in school for housework or other things that need to be done.
Finally, Saturday's are my long run days.  This week was another 7 miler, it actually ended up being 7.2.  This coming week is 8.. yikes!  These I cannot skip.  I am comfortable skipping any other day but this one.  Right now it has been working out great that I can run with my friend Laura but she is going on a cruise in March and I won't be able to.  One of those days is a race day but the other I have to do 10 or 11.  That will be rough by myself.   I'm super excited and cannot wait to get that medal around my neck.

I belong to a group on Facebook where we log our miles.  We all got a matching shirt, I love the saying on the back.

I've watched the coverage of the mini for may years now and this year I can be apart of it.


ginmommy said...

I can't wait to see pics of you crossing that line!

Jaime Mac said...

YAY for you! I can't wait to hear all about it!