Sunday, November 24, 2013

We are Party "Animals"

We are winding down what may be the busiest weekend we've had in a long time.  Saturday morning, before Cooper's party, we bundled up and headed to the zoo.  It may seem crazy considering the temperatures were near the freezing mark but we honestly had the best time.  Yes it was cold, but we started with the indoor exhibits and by the time we finished those it had warmed up.  Plus it was darn near empty. 
I stopped for a bathroom break and the boys got camera happy. 

When I went the outlets a couple weeks ago I picked up a puffer vest with fur on the hood.  I am seriously in love with this thing.  It's so cozy and warm.  And you will also see the first of two pictures I took that day of Cameron sticking his tongue out.
There were some animals that weren't out due to the cold however the ones that were out were very active.  The lion and tiger were both up walking around, the polar bear was showing off. 
 Normally I don't stop at the playground since it is so busy but there were no kids in sight so they had free reign.
Loved getting to spend some good quality time with this guy.

I also don't usually buy lunch there but with the party I didn't feel like packing our lunches, they must have changed their food vendors but it was actually good. 
Cooper again wanted his picture taken with just about everything in sight.

Cooper kept saying what a good day he was having.  I think they enjoyed having the zoo to themselves.
Of course after the zoo we rushed home to get ready for the party.  This morning we had church, rushed home for lunch and got ready for another important birthday party.  Luke came over Saturday for Coop's party, today we went to Luke's party.  They are 9 days apart.
Luke's sister will be three in May, even though her and Cameron are 8 months apart in age they will end up being in the same class.  This little girl cracks me up.  She is tiny, she looks almost a year younger than she is, but her language is high so if you didn't know her she would seem like this child genius.

They had a Ninja Turtle piñata.  I so want one for my house for those days when I just need to take a whack at things.

We had to leave a little early to go pick up Steve and head to his family reunion.  No pictures there but I did win a door prize.  Don't know who put my name in but I was called like 60 seconds after I showed up.
Who knew I was going to need a Monday to relax from my weekend.  It's a two day week, we can do this!