Monday, November 18, 2013

A Welcome Change of Plans

Steve was scheduled to work all weekend, he's picking up some PRN shifts so we can save for Disney in 2 years, but when he came home Friday and told me it was canceled and they didn't need him, it was a welcome change.  Ideally I like to put up our tree and decorations the weekend before Thanksgiving, but looking ahead we didn't have another free weekend until mid December.  We all know that ain't happening.  Saturday morning we got to work.  I must have bought some ribbon last year cause it was mixed in with the rest of our stuff and I love it.  It adds so much to the tree.
 I could sit in this chair all day and just stare at the tree.  I love, love, love Christmas time.
After a few hours of some hard work, and a trip to buy extra lights since half of ours were out, Cooper and I took a break for a birthday party.  It was his first school party.  Now I know the parents from high school myself, but he didn't meet the birthday girl until school.  She had it at Earth & Fire, each kid got to pick out a small piece of pottery to paint.   I tried to get him to choose the turtle, caterpillar, or something else, but he chose a cat.

Check out these cupcakes, how adorable are they.
And the party favors, super cute idea for a birthday near the holidays.
There was a total of 9 kids at the party and I went to high school with at least one of the parents for 8 of the kids.  Benefits of a small town.
We finished our night with some reading, under the tree of course. 
 I put up all of our Christmas books with our decorations.  It's like getting new books every year. 
This may shock you but I think I will go back to my tradition of the weekend before Thanksgiving next year.  I really want my kids to enjoy and get into Thanksgiving and I don't want our tree to take away from it.  We just didn't really have a choice this year, it's done, it's up, and now we can sit back, relax, and enjoy it.


Susie said...

Glad Cooper had a good time at the party!! I think we are going to put our tree up this weekend!!

ginmommy said...

Looks nice!

Alicia Mcafee said...

Looks great! We are going to put ours up a weekend early too. Jimmy Buffett is the day we usually put it up. :)