Saturday, August 10, 2013


I have no way to describe life at my house right now, other than weird.  Oh, and quiet too.  We've been to lunch with Tracey & Maggie and once with Shawna from Jazzercise.  I found myself looking around for my other child thinking I was neglecting him somehow. 
The first Friday of school we met up with Tracey & Maggie do walk the Big 4 bridge.   It was our first time going.  It will be nice when the Jeffersonville side ramp is open.  Although after reading about someone robbed at gun point I may have to steer clear.
 This week we have done a lot of nothing.  I was making lunch one day when Cameron grabbed my phone and plopped himself down to some games.  Usually by lunch he is asking if we can go get bubby.
 We've had the play doh out a few times as well. 

Someone found Cooper's old soccer socks and shin guards this past week.  Now Cameron wants to wear them all day and tell me he is fighting the bad guys. 
There really is no other way to describe Cooper being in school other than weird.  I still have this feeling that it is temporary and in a week or two he will be back home with me all day.  I'm working on a kindergarten update post, I might give it another week to get more info from him.  I'm also gonna work on a day in the life post since life at home is so much different now.   Different, weird, but good weird.


Susie said...

I know what you mean when you say weird! That is what I think about Ellie not being here with Madelyn and me.

ginmommy said...

It is weird! Just wait until they are both gone all day, that's SUPER weird.

Alicia Mcafee said...

I understand. Weird!