Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Day in the Life

I've done several day in the life posts in the past, they are my favorite.  I love looking back to see how we spend our day.  I documented last Monday. 
Most days I get up around 6:15 and get myself ready before everyone else.  It's just easier that way.  Cameron usually wakes up around 7.  He's my snuggle buddy in the mornings.

 Cooper is up around 7:20.  For whatever reason he likes to bring all the things he sleeps with out with him.  This isn't even all of it.
 I try to make Cooper's lunch the day before but I save the sandwich till the morning.  Most days he takes a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  I'm so afraid he is going to get tired of it. He eats just 2 hours after school starts so even though I try to give him a big breakfast, he doesn't really need it.  He's not a morning eater so it's hard to get him to eat much.   I try to pack a big lunch but he always saves his chips or cracker.  He likes to share with Cameron in the afternoon when we pick him up.  Now Cameron expects it.
 We get to school around 8:30 and they start letting kids in around 8:40.  We like to rock out to some music, this week it was Pirates of the Caribbean theme song.  The morning car rider line is quick.  I try to get there early, the kindergarteners are dismissed before the rest of the school so I want to make sure he is in the gym early enough.

 When we get home Cameron almost always wants to play outside for a while.  Last week was nice, I'm not sure how much we can play outside this coming week.
 He's got the tricycle and Big Wheel down pat but he's still working on the bike.

 If you a friend of Steve on Facebook you may have noticed he put a nice little video of me trying to hula hoop.  Let's just say I'm not going to win any contest any time soon.  Either is Cameron.
 After some outdoor time I had to run an errand.  We were once again rocking it out.  Something Disney, I'm sure.
 When Cameron watches a movie he would prefer to act it out.  Which is fun to watch but not so fun when you are using a movie so you can have some rest.  This particular day it was Toy Story 3.  He kept pausing it and going downstairs to add to his outfit. 

 After lunch we went back outside for a wagon ride.  I'm already missing the fall like weather we had.
Once we took his pacifiers away he was struggling to take a nap.  He is back to napping and going down easily again but they are really short.  Under an hour sometimes.  I'll take what I can get though. 

 School gets out at 3:35.  I get there around 3:25 and it is backed up.  I'm in front of the library right here and I still have to wind around the parking lot.
 The boys have swim lessons on Wednesday, we have to be there at 4:30 in New Albany.  I try to get there a little earlier on Wednesday so I can get out of the line earlier and get to NA and change Cooper's clothes.  That first time I brought a movie to watch in the car, now Cameron wants it everyday.  It's an easy way to keep him occupied.  I forgot it one day and it was non-stop questions the whole time about why I wasn't moving.

Most days we don't get home until almost 4 and Cooper is wound up.  He's going full speed until about 7. 
I didn't get any pictures that night, our nights are pretty much the same except I try to get him to bed just a tad earlier.  Since we start so late in the morning I don't have to wake him up he does on his own.  So it hasn't been too much of an adjustment.
This isn't from Monday, it's just pitiful.  Steve's parents called one day to say they were going to stop by when we got home from picking Cooper up.  Cameron took it like they were coming right then.  We went to Cooper's room to watch from the window and threw a fit when I said they weren't coming.  You can see the snot on his nose.  Poor little guy :(.

And this totally isn't normal for us, but I had to document it.  Cooper rode this bus to school on Wednesday.  He's been asking to ride it so we gave in.  Our stop is the second or third to last, it gets there at 8:25 and drops the kids off at school at 8:40.  So it's not bad at all.  He wants to ride it more but Steve doesn't want him to.  I think it's a good alternative to have.  I have to be in New Albany at 9:15 on Tuesdays, riding the bus would give me more time.  Steve's parents or my mom takes him to school on Thursdays since I have to be in New Albany by 8:45.  If something comes up and they can't take him, the bus would be great.  I would be pushing it to make it there on time but it's better to leave my house at 8:30 then leave Charlestown at 8:45 or later.
He's holding hands with Lydia.  Lydia's grandma lives 2 houses down from me, and I grew up with her mom and aunt.  She was his little helper that day.

So that's pretty much a typical day for us on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Tuesday and Thursday are Bible Study days.  Hoping to do a post on those days soon.


Susie said...

Sounds like my week busy and typical!!

Beth, Joshua, Isabella, McKinley and AnnaKate said...

The life of a mom. I don't know how we do it sometime... and that car rider line is craziness! :-)

Tracey said...

I like these posts :)

ginmommy said...

Being a mom is mundane yet crazy.

the lewis gang said...

funny you say that about the parade. i thought it had more this year than every before! haha! low expectations on my end, i guess! :) glad you are all settling in to a routine nicely!

melanie said...

you are so awsome getting up and all ready around 6:15. I just drag and drag in the mornings. you are a great mamma