Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Little Family Time

I have to admit that as a stay at home mom I sometimes take weekends for granted.  Now that Cooper is in school I have a feeling I'm gonna soak it up for a all it's worth.
Friday night was laid back.  Steve picked up a PRN client two days a week so he got home a little later than usual.  We took a walk around the neighborhood and looked in the windows of the Home Expo houses.  They are all so nice!!
Saturday morning we headed to Lapping Park to walk one of the trails.  We had our long pants and hats on ready to go.

 Our first order of business was the walking sticks. 
 We met an older couple waking their dog.  The dog was not on a leash and Cooper did so good by not freaking out.  He's coming around.  They were also very knowledgeable about keeping us away from the poison oak and poison ivy.
We were about half way through the trail when Steve shushed us to be quite.  I thought he was kidding around, but really it was because he spotted a deer.
 We took the trail that took is by the stage area, Cooper was a bit more thrilled than he looks.  If you can't tell they also brought a magnifying glass and binoculars.
 Our morning nature walk= huge success!
We were leaving for church this morning when Cooper asked if we could ride together as a family.  That's when Steve remembered they weren't having high school small groups.  We ride together maybe 3 times year so this was a huge treat.  We even went out to lunch after church, now that NEVER happens.  My mom will take the boys and I sometimes but we never go together.  I love no youth small group Sundays.
The rest of the day we filled with yard work and laundry.  I packed Cooper's lunch tonight and I know it will probably only last about a week but I love doing it.  I love changing things up and surprising him with a different treat.  I'm crazy weird mom, I know.


Jaime Mac said...

Looks like a fun weekend! Fall (your FAV!) will be here soon...although it seems like we're there now. This weather is awesome...pants for a walk in AUGUST? Wow.

Alicia Mcafee said...

I love it!! FUN DAY!!!

ginmommy said...

Nature walks are fun, but always check for the nasty ticks!

Tracey said...

First, the pic of you and steve is a FRAMER!!! Love it!

Second, you've inspired me to do a nature walk. it's on my to do list for this weekend. Find things that God made for us. :)