Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Kindergarten Update

We are almost two full weeks into kindergarten and so far things are going GREAT!!!  I couldn't be happier with how he is doing.
So far we haven't had any homework, that should come in a few weeks, but we do get papers and worksheets sent home everyday.  He said this was him and his teacher, and I guess a balloon?
I emailed his teacher last week just to check up on him and to inform her of his eye and ask about his handwriting.  I feel like he struggles with handwriting and it's hard on him because he knows when he doesn't do it right and he gets frustrated.  She said that she doesn't focus too much on it right away because she wants the kids to be confident in their work.  She offered to send some worksheets home so he could practice and tell him it's homework, although it's not really homework.
 He knows 13 of his 45 sight words they are to know by year end and since he also knows all his letters and sounds, him and handful of other students are working on sight words and reading while the rest of the class are doing worksheets.  When he does this he will miss out on writing practice so we will definitely need those worksheets. 
 His teacher, Ms. Harbin, has a color chart reward system.  It starts at green and so far he hasn't moved off green.  So far most days everyone stays on green.  I think she's giving them all time to get into the routine, although there have been a few move on yellow.  Yellow still gets a prize at week end, it's just more of a warning.  I do think the kids have to go up and move their name themselves so  I bet when he does move, which I'm sure he will at one point, he will be sad about it.
It takes him about an hour in the afternoon after school to wind down, which I expected.  He had one rough afternoon, he told Steve something along the lines of, "we did things that were hard today, Ms. Harbin doesn't get mad when I make my d's look like b's she just tells me to do my best".  Once again, I think it just boils down to him wanting to do things right and perfect. 
I hear that today is National Left Handed Day... so in honor I celebrate my sweet little lefty.


ginmommy said...

Glad it's going great so far!

Susie said...

He sounds like he is enjoying Kindergarten!! I am sure he will pick up on things and do good!!

Jill said...

Sounds like he is off to a great start. Love that he is a fellow Leftie. ;)

Alicia Mcafee said...

Awesome job Cooper!!! :)