Thursday, March 28, 2013

Who doesn't love a little Fro Yo?

We had another change of plans this week, within minutes of my mother in law calling Wednesday morning, Sharon texted me that Wyatt had been running a fever and she needed to cancel our play date for today.  Breaking the news of my in laws not coming over wasn't going to be so bad, breaking the news we couldn't go to Allie's was another story.  Between living almost an hour away and their pre-school schedules, we just can't get together often.  I had to think and act quick on a back up plan.
My friend Melissa, from church and small group, is involved in a play group on Thursday mornings.  She has invited me in the past and added me to their group on Facebook so I get all the notifications.  Thursday is usually Bible Study day so I've never made it, but we are out this week for spring break so it ended up working out great. 
We met at Orange Leaf for a tour, demonstration on frozen yogurt making, taste testing, and a $3 cup of yogurt.  It was fun and the boys had a blast!  It started an hour before opening so we had the place to ourselves.
 I thought Cooper looked a little scary here so he gave me a funny pose.

 He had the all important job of putting the Oreo's into the Cookie's N Cream yogurt.  If that was me I wouldn't be able to guarantee the Oreo's making into the bucket. 
 The deal was a cup of yogurt with two toppings for $3.  The owner ended up charging us only $2.  How awesome is that!!
 Somewhere in the midst of all the chaos my boys broke out their sunglasses again.  This picture totally looks like the kids are holding suckers, which would only be natural seeing as they just ate yogurt and candy, but they are really spoons.
Bible Study is over at the end of April so hopefully we can get together with Sharon and the kids after that.  We have plans for Bounce Time tomorrow, I've learned my lesson this week, I haven't even told the kids yet. 
This is unrelated, my mom texted me this picture from Key West yesterday.  Is it possible to disown our parents?


Jill said...

We love Orange Leaf. What a great idea for a play date. . .and so cheap. We have been to Key West. . .so jealous seeing that! Sure hoping things warm up SOON around here.

ginmommy said...

Your mom is dead to me.

the lewis gang said...

we still have never been to a fro yo place. can you believe it? looks fun! and $2?? score for a cheap treat!

Alicia Mcafee said...

That looks so fun!! I would love to do that!