Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Making the best of it

I was pumped for today, I had plans of having a day to myself.  My in-laws were coming over to watch the boys so I could mark off my mile long to-do list and I was going to have lunch with Tracey.  When I heard Steve pick up his phone at 7:00 this morning I knew it wasn't good news.  My mother in law hasn't been feeling well and just wasn't up for it today.  I'm not gonna lie, my first reaction was to stomp and pout.  I wanted a day to myself!  I had no choice to put my big girl britches on and deal with it.  I loaded the boys up and headed out to see what I could get done.
First stop:  Floyd Count Health Department!   Steve somehow lost Cameron's birth certificate when picking up his free first birthday smash cake.  Although Southwest Airlines told me I don't need it to get them on a plane, better safe than sorry.
Thanks to a play area they may ask to come to the Health Department more often. 
 Next up was Kohl's.  I had 30% off, $10 Kohls cash, $10 off children's apparel, and a $3 left on a gift card.  I got Cooper some pajamas, socks, and underwear, and myself a pair of tennis shoes all for $47!  It pays to shop.
Shouldn't pink shoes help anyone run a marathon?
 Then we headed over to Dick's to find some baseball cleats and pants for Cooper.  He has soccer cleats and at this age it doesn't really matter but Steve kept talking about ankle support, he used to work in a shoe department, so new cleats it was.  Miniature cleats are adorable.
 I had a stop at the mall to make and since they were getting a little restless at this point it was worthwhile to spend some time at the playground.
 I gave Cooper the choice of Texas Roadhouse or pretzels, he chose pretzels.  I went from getting to have lunch at Panera to eating Auntie Annie's pretzels.  I guess there could be worse things.

 I'm not trying to get anyone fired here, but the Easter bunny was totally napping on the job today.
 I picked up a few things at Children's Place before heading over to Target.  It was close to nap time  by now and we had one minor Cameron melt down but I managed to get everything on my list done except Easter basket goodies. 
Despite the change of plans, the day wasn't all that bad after all.


Susie said...

Glad you were able to get things done anyways. I love the pink shoes!!

Jill said...

Good attitude, girl!!! Love me a Kohl's deal and those new running shoes are awesome. :)