Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weekend in iPhone pics

If I'm gonna talk about the weekend I need to start with Bon Jovi.  Back in JBJ's glory days of the 80's, my mom took my sisters and I along with some friends of hers to see him concert.  It was only fitting that my mom and I went back with her friend and her friend's daughter.  Probably not the most ideal situation to go with my mom, but it meant a free ticket.
 I did stay on high alert before the concert, I couldn't let a night go by without a photo op with Gretchen.
 It was a good concert.  I wish we could have heard less new and more old stuff, but I understand, he's proud of his work and wants to showcase his new material.
Friday was an ordinary day, not much going on.  I let the boys eat lunch while watching IU.  Too bad Saturday didn't go as well as Friday did.  Boo!!  They blew a chance at playing in Lexington and Indianapolis.  However, if they can make it the Sweet 16, they will be playing in Victor Oladipo's hometown. 
 I started Saturday morning off with some tasty cholesterol medicine, let's see if what the box says is really true.
 Steve had to work the morning so I took the boys to the mall to play for a bit.  I had to make a return and get a new watch battery.  It made our morning fly by.
 After lunch I met up with Gretchen and Tracey for a huge highlight of the weekend, to see Borden play in the semi-state!!!  Gretchen had her kids and Tracey had Levi, my kids aren't into watching sports yet so I left them at home, I'm not gonna lie it felt nice not to worry about snacks and potty time.
We were like a walking Toms advertisement.
 By the looks of it one would think we more consumed with taking pictures of each other instead of the game, really we had about an hour wait before the game started.  We were just excited and nervous.

 These two were especially nervous!  Can you imagine watching your son for a chance to play in the state title game?  The game started off great, Borden came out on fire.  By the second half they were cold and nerves got the best of them.  They couldn't hit anything, kept missing free throws.  We were getting nervous!!
 However, they played great defense.  They were up by 3 with just a few seconds left and the other team had the ball, before they could get a shot off Borden stole the ball and won the game.  Seriously, Borden is going to state!!!  I would love to be able to go up there to cheer on Cody and support Gretchen again, I just can't get away again.  We plan to go to my in-laws, since we don't have Insight, to watch the game. 
Sunday we woke up to a sick little boy.  It was just a low grade fever and he has been fine most of the day, but we just couldn't risk going to church.  Steve had a class to teach and a small group to lead so the rest of us just relaxed at home.
 Well some of us relaxed, others ransacked the kitchen.

One more week till Spring Break, we can do this!!!


ginmommy said...

I can't tell you how much I appreciate you going to the game. It was SO SWEET of you to do that. Love you!

Alicia Mcafee said...

I heard the Borden game was great!!! That's so exciting!!! FUN!

the lewis gang said...

you had an action packed weekend!

Tracey said...

Fun weekend!! I'm glad we got to go to the game. Such a sweet time. :)

Tracey said...

Fun weekend!! I'm glad we got to go to the game. Such a sweet time. :)