Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Catching Up

I really have no idea where to begin on catching up with this blog. 
These are random but cute.  Cameron had some toast with Nutella last week for breakfast.  He pretty much just tries to eat through the middle.

 I headed out to get Cooper after school on Friday and when I got into the car Cameron asked for his drink.  I ran back in to get it and got back in the car and realized I had locked my house and car keys back in the house.  I had to be at the school in 10 minutes.  Luckily my in-laws where home and ran a spare key over to me and I was able to get ahold of the teachers.  I ended up being about 25 minutes late, he was just looking through some books like it was no big deal.  He likes to give me a hard time about it and show his mad face.
The boys have been sleeping in with the time change but we've also had to be up and about so it's been a little rushed.  We had nothing to do today, they slept until almost 8, laid around in bed for another half hour or so, it was after 9 by the time we got around to breakfast. 
 We didn't have anywhere to be until after lunch so the boys got right to work on building a playhouse on the couch.  Please disregard the food.

 I always feel like a hippie when we play Headbanz.
Snuggle time!
 This is always a sign of a good morning.
 I found a copycat Chick-fil-A recipe on Pinterest, it doesn't taste exactly like them but they are still very good.  One of the key ingredients is pickle juice, which gives it that Chick-fil-A taste.  It's also fried in olive oil to make it not so unhealthy. 
Right now our life is pretty much school, Jazzercise, speech, school, Jazzercise, Community Bible Study, school, and Jazzercise.  I'm really looking forward to Spring Break to have a little more freedom.


Susie said...
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Susie said...

That would be scary to get locked out of the house and had to be somewhere!! Glad your in laws were home!!

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Tracey said...

Love the pj pics! :) I'm so ready for summer and for things to slow down some!!

the lewis gang said...

yum! share the recipe!!