Sunday, May 20, 2012

Party like it's 1997

 After 15 years, we finally had a class reunion.  We tried for our 10 year but didn't get enough responses and had to cancel.  A group of guys decided to take on the task this year and although I had my doubts, they pulled it out.  I did hear they were each out about $300. 

It as nice to get all dolled up and get a few hours away.  I did feel a little bad for Steve, it can be awkward when one spouse didn't got to that school.  He works with a girl I graduation with and another girl I graduated with is a dating a guy he graduated with.  That helped out, at least he had people to have talk to.
 This is Majella, back in high school people used to say we looked alike.  My mom even thought she was me at a basketball one night.
 We were sitting at the tables talking when I glace up to find they are opening our time capsule.  I had forgotten about this thing.
 First thing out was our section championship t-shirt.  They had a table set up for our deceased classmates, 6 in all.  We put the shirt in front of Ryan, just so happens the picture they obtained for him was one of us winning that game.  History lesson here, my senior year was the last year that Indiana had one class basketball system.  We were in Jeffersonville's sectional.  It was a David vs Goliath.  And we won!!!!! 
 I had also forgotten that the poem we wrote signed by us was also in the time capsule.  Everyone started yelling read it, so Laura and I read it together.   Of course halfway through no one was paying attention :) 
 This was probably the funniest thing of the night.  I mean really?  This was our 15 year high school reunion.
 We ended up having an early night so Steve's parents didn't have to stay too late.  It was good to see everyone again and laugh about old times.  However, nothing could compare to waking up and being with my kids once again. 


Jaime Mac said...

I was wondering how the night went! Looks like you had a fun time! And again, that dress looks great on you!

Tracey said...

Yay!! So glad you had fun and that you can be at ease now! :) The time capsule is awesome!!!

Jill said...

So fun! We were on vacation last year for my 15. Love catching up with old friends!:)

ginmommy said...

You looked beautiful! Glad you had fun, just think, your next one will be 20!!!!

The McAfee's said...

time capsule! That's fun!

Brittany said...

1997!!! Whoot Whoot! Representing!

I love it that we were born in 79 and graduated in 97!

Yeah, I 'm weird with numbers......