Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's officially summer!

Cooper had his last day of preschool and speech today which means it is officially summer for us!!  I am so ready.  Preschool is such a huge commitment with drop off and pick up with not a lot of time in between to get things done.  I am more than ready to have some free time.  I couldn't be more proud of my guy for all he has accomplished and learned this year.  Check out his first day picture compared to his last day. (I still can't figure out this new blogger stuff, last day is on left and first day on right.)
Today was their class their class picnic at the park across the street.  It didn't take long for little boys to realize it would be more fun to throw rocks in the creek than it would be to play on the playground.

Even little brother got in on the action.
The teachers had leftover ice cream and popsicles from birthday treats.  It was the perfect snack this morning. 

Before long it was time to say good-bye for the summer, but not without a quick picture with all his teachers. 
Ms. Melinda; phonics

Ms. Amy; director
Ms. Erica; arts and crafts

Cooper couldn't leave without getting a picture with Kolton and Kylie.  He loves these two kids, maybe it's twin thing. Oh, and their dad is Charlestown Police Chief, the helped blocked traffic on Hwy 3 so we could all cross the street.  Super cool!
Finally it was off to Jonathan Jennings for one last speech class.  This is Ms Smith, his therapist.  He loves her, and so do I!  I have been so thrilled with the change in venue for therapy.  Steve wants to try and get our kids into Silver Creek for school, I'm silently saying a prayer they don't get in.  I have such a wonderful experience at JJ, I'm gonna be sad if he goes anywhere else.  Plus, all his friends from Wee One's are going to either Charlestown or New Washington.

I got a little sad while leaving the picnic today, I can't believe is done with one full year.   Luckily, he will be back with all the same kids and teachers.  I saw where JJ is having camp kindergarten tonight, that means that last night was Wee One's graduation, tonight is camp kindergarten, and tomorrow is their class picnic.  That is enough to drive a mom to drink.

We are going to be super busy next year with three days of school and one day of speech.  I am going to take it in and enjoy every minute this summer, okay maybe not every minute :)  I know once September arrives it will all be over before I know it. 

One last thing, not only are we going to Chuck E Cheese tonight to celebrate, we are also celebrating Cooper being dry in underwear all night long for almost 2 weeks!  We are so proud!  He is mighty proud of himself too. 


The McAfee's said...


Gosh, those before and after pictures! WOW! Such a change!

Jaime Mac said...

Wow, how quickly time flies! I'm glad he's had a great year! That always makes it better!

Tracey said...

Sigh...these kids need to STOP growing! Good job, Coop! I will be drinking right along with you...

Susie said...

Good job Cooper!! I know what you mean about the new blog thing!!

Jill said...

I love before and after pics. . .he is getting SO big! Way to go on staying dry, buddy! This give me hope! :)

melanie said...

Love the pic of the three of you. So cute. Yes change is sad, and busy, but family is wonderful so many blessings and memories

ginmommy said...

Look at how much he grew! WOW!