Thursday, May 3, 2012


Am I really 33 years old?  My mom had me when she was 22 and my grandma had her when she was 30.  I can remember thinking that seemed so old to have kids, my mom was so young.   Of course I go and have kids at 28 and 31 so that I am approaching my mid 30's and raising small children.  At least I don't feel old.

I guess Steve thought I seemed stressed yesterday because he gave me my gift a day early.  Since my mom's house got broken into a few months ago she has been in the act of replenishing her jewelry.  She ended up with a big enough purchase she got a free Pandora bracelet and gave it to me, then she got me birthstone beads for the boys, and my sister gave me two clips to keep the beads in place.  Steve got me two new beads for my birthday.  He got me the blue one and the Faith, Hope, Love bead.  I'm trying to go with a blue and gold theme since those are the birthstones of Cooper and Cameron. 
Later, Tracey stopped by and brought me a cupcake.  Of course I only got about half after two certain little savages got a hold of it :)  Thank you Tracey!!!
I spent most of today, my actual birthday, doing our normal stuff.  I picked up McDonald's on the way home from getting Cooper from school.  It may have not been the best lunch, but it was birthday and I wasn't cooking.  I told Cooper all I wanted was a nap, but I didn't get one.  It was cute though, when Steve gave me my gift Cooper kept asking if it was a nap.

My mom took us all out Texas Roadhouse for dinner tonight.  
Cameron kept himself entertained by playing some peek-a-boo, and some bread of course.  This reminded Steve and I and one of our trip to Disney World.  We had went out to eat and there was a grandmother, mother, and small child sitting next to us.  They had a server and the manager at their table complaining to them that they were served too much bread and now their child wouldn't eat his or her meal.   It was just funny, still kind of is.
 Cooper took his hand at some more pictures.  These two turned out better than the one my mom too. 

 After dinner they boys got a turn on the mini-carousel and treats at Chillers.

 Man alive he was a mess by the end of this.
What a great way to spend with my boys!!! 


ginmommy said...

You're so cute! Happy Birthday James! Love the bracelet, and I think it looks like a swell way to spend the day :)

Susie said...

Glad you enjoyed your day!!

The McAfee's said...

Happy, happy birthday!!! Glad it was fun! :)

Jaime Mac said...

LOVE that bracelet! I love that they are so pretty yet have a lot of meaning!
Happy happy 33rd birthday to you!!!!

Tracey said...

Your bracelet is the light blue theme! :) Good job, Steve! Glad your day was a good one! 33...sheesh...I feel old! ;)

Amy said...

Happy Birthday!!!