Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Cameron is turning into quite the momma's boy. He loves his daddy and big brother too, but there is something about momma. He has been crashing in my arms every night lately. It is just too cute watching him try to keep his head up but have his eyes closed at the same time. I really need to bring my camera in his room one morning. I am greeted by the biggest smile ever. Of course we are also dealing with some severe separation issues. We had this with Cooper too, but Cooper always did great with his grandparents. Cameron, not so much. My mom watched them so we could go to our closing. Cameron screamed entire two hours we were gone. I called to see how things were, he really sounded in distress. He won't even eat for anyone else. We dealt with it once and one day I'll miss being the one and only.

He does the cutest thing in the morning. Once I can tell Cooper is waking up I turn on the hall light and he comes on out. He will stay in his room until that light comes on. One morning I turned it on and he didn't come out right away, Cameron started booking it down the hallway and crying because Cooper wasn't out yet. So so sweet!

He is pulling up on anything and everything. He pulls up on things that don't even have handles. I have to keep my eye on this one. I'm chasing him all over the place. He is still unsteady and when he stands his toes are curled under a bit so I do think it's going to be a while before he tries to take off.

Around the time Steve took a vacation we let him cry it out at night again. It worked like a charm. Cried for about 10 minutes on two different nights and sleeps great now. He sleeps about 10 hours at night and takes a total of about 3 1/2 hours worth of naps a day. He is an early riser, we are lucky to make it until 6:30. I did get a 7:00 one in there last week. Cooper always woke up early too until he was about a year and a half. I am anxious to see how he does in the new house.

Outside of the separation issues he is turning into quite the sweet happy little fella. I love to watch him explore and take things in. His smile is contagious. It's such a blessing watching this miracle of life grow before my eyes.


ginmommy said...

Separation anxiety is one of those love/hate things. Kinda neat they love you so much, but totally sucks that no one can keep them. Keep trying, he'll get through it just like all the other issues. He's an adorable little guy :)

Tracey said...

He is growing so fast! I can't believe he's pulling up already!!! He's so cute!

Susie said...

Sorry to hear about the separation issue. I know it has to worry you when you are gone. He will get better in time. He is growing fast.

The McAfee's said...

I agree with ginmommy. It's a love/hate thing! He's so sweet! :)