Monday, May 16, 2011

Yard Sales and Tee Ball

Saturday was a fun filled of yard sales and tee ball. It just so happened our neighborhood yard sale and Cooper's first tee ball game fell on the same day. Thanks so Steve's parents who came over and manned the yard sale Steve & I were both able to go to the game. The fun all started Friday night. Steve took Cooper to get his glove and they did some fielding practice.
The yard sale started at eight and we were able to work it a couple of hours before heading to the ball field. My oh my, doesn't he look handsome? My baby is growing upI wasn't for sure what to expect. Cooper had no clue what he was doing, it was good to see others didn't as well. I gotta hand it to our coach, it's takes some patience working with a bunch of three year olds. He would have to physically pick kids up and move them to their correct spot. It was almost as fun watching him than it was watching the kids.

First up was a little practice before the game. They ran the bases... see my boy? He is number 6.

Then they did some fielding.

I wish I would have had this on video. He had them do a "spiderman" pose. When ever he yelled Spiderman they got in position. The first time they did it, Cooper was all business. It was Hi-larious!

Then they had a little batting practice before the game.

Once the game started this was pretty much Cooper the entire time.

He's not aggressive so if he saw other kids going for a balls, he would back off.

I cant' forget about the one, he enjoyed watching big brother play some ball.

Something happened at the end of the game, we looked out and Cooper was in tears. I have no idea why. Tired, hungry? We still can't figure it out. He missed the "good game" handshake. The whole way home he was saying he didn't want to play again. After a good 2 hour nap, had by all 4 of us I might add, he was better and was excited again. I told Steve I wasn't going to force him to do something he didn't want to do, but we are giving it at least half the season. I think after a little more practice he may like it some more.

On a positive note, we made almost $200 at our yard sale. I didn't have a whole lot, the clothes I had were all baby clothes up to 6 months. I thought we did pretty good.


Jaime Mac said...

Is Cooper on Gabe Ellnor's team? I noticed Denise mentioned the spiderman thing. Can't be a coincidence?! :)

ginmommy said...

They are so cute playing t-ball at that age :-)

Susie said...

They are so cute at that age. Ellie does the same thing with soccer. Good job on the yard sale, not bad.

Tracey said...

Cutie patootie!!!
Good job on the yard sale. :)