Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Compromise and Fun Factory

Cooper is into asking what is healthy and what is not healthy. Earlier this week he was asking for a "not healthy" snack. I thought we would compromise. I found some dark chocolate fruit dip I bought at Huber's back in the fall, it went perfect with a banana. Gotta love the chocolate covered chin and the "I'm tired, I have no make-up on" look.

That particular morning Cameron took a good morning nap. We are usually out and about so his morning naps are in the car. I love when he takes them at home in his own bed, it allows me and Cooper some play time. I got out the Play Dough that morning. I love his face of concentration on the Fun Factory.

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ginmommy said...

Pierce asks me all the "is this healthy for me mom?" Kinda cute :)