Thursday, December 31, 2009

Visiting with Old Friends

Wednesday night Cooper & I had some very special visitors. My oldest BFF Melissa & her daughter Molly came over. Melissa & I go way's safe to say we have known each others our whole lives. Melissa also has a 9 month old, Dalton, but he had been sick so he stayed at home. We missed him. There was barely a weekend in high school that Melissa & I weren't together. But you know the story, different colleges lead to different lives and so on. It's funny, we talk more now than we did in the first few years after high school and Melissa lives in Colorado! We had a good time catching up and the kids had fun playing, although not together. Cooper would have rather played with Melissa than Molly. I talked it up the whole day about Molly coming over and for some reason he though Melissa was Molly. I have never seen him like that with a stranger. It was a ham! He even wanted Melissa to take him potty. Weird!!!!! I need to get him around more kids. I didn't break out the camera until right before they left and and this was the only shot we could get. Me blocking Molly and Cooper not looking at the camera. He was sad they were leaving and had a melt down afterwards.

Thanks for visiting guys, wish we could do this more often... maybe one day!

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Melissa said...

Yes, it was lots of fun. Thanks for having us over! Hopefully we will move closer and get to hang out more. Love ya!