Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bear Chair

After running into the Reid's at McDonald's all Cooper could talk about was a bear chair. Why? Well Levi has a bear chair in his toy room. It was Eric's when he was little and it is the most darling little thing. However, Cooper is afraid of it and when Cooper is afraid of something he wants to see it but doesn't want to get close to it. We went over to the Reid's last week and as soon as we pulled up to the house he was all about the bear chair. Of course when we saw the Reid's at McDonald's all he could talk about again was the bear chair. The entire car ride home was bear chair. So being the wonderful daddy that he is, Steve made a bear chair. Keep in mind we have limited resources- a rocking chair and construction paper, but Cooper is two, he doesn't care. Here is a picture of our bear chair, Tracey is going to post a picture of theirs once I get this posted so be on the lookout.

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