Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

The Reid's were kind enough to host a small get together tonight for New Years... small if you count them, us, the Bush's, McCarty's, Murphy's, and Ausmus's. It was a house full. We didn't get to stay as late as we wanted, Steve has to work tomorrow and Cooper started melting down around 8:15. I know we are real party animals. Cooper just can't make it past his bedtime often, the kid loves his sleep. Add that and a full day with Steve's parents, he was wore out. It was fun while it lasted and we enjoyed visiting with everyone. Thanks for having us over. Things sure have changed in recent years, I'm sure I will be fast asleep before the ball drops!

Gretchen cheesing for the camera
Cute baby Addie- she looked like a miniature snow princess.
Just a handful of the children, there were 12 adults and 11 kids.
The hostess with the mostest Mastering the self-portrait

Come on Eric, you have guests over do you have to lay on the couch?

We were able to get some pictures of the real Bear Chair. He looks so happy, I'm surprised he even went near it.


Tracey said...

Um, HORRIBLE picture of me stuffing my face!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p

I'm glad everyone could come to the impromptu gathering. :) We almost never plan ahead of time...need to get better about that. :) Thanks for coming!!!! Had fun.

ginmommy said...

Like the self portrait of you and Cooper!!!

melanie said...

We had a good last day of the year with you guys!