Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day

What a day! I have to say playing Santa is so much more fun than being visited by Santa. Steve & I got up before Cooper did to get everything ready so when I brought out in the living room Steve had the video camera ready. He was a little overwhelmed at first but once he realized what was going on he had a good time. He enjoyed opening our gifts to each other as much as he did his own. Steve was able to get Cooper on video opening his Bob the Builder DVD, it was such a priceless moment.

Next stop was Steve's parents house for gifts & lunch. I have no idea what we did to deserve the blessings we received. They went above & beyond anything I could imagine. The best part is that everything was practical, for us & for Cooper. Cooper got some gift cards so we can start converting his room into a toddler room and get a big boy bed. He also got some big boy underwear, they even have Mickey on them. After lunch we got home, it was close to nap and Cooper pretty much melted down at that point. We had spent every waking moment in the past 24 hours on the go and he had enough. A good three hour nap was calling.

After nap time it was off to my mom's for some dinner and more gifts. By the evening we were all exhausted. Today was nice and relaxing and Cooper got to play all day with some of his new toys. I think he was happy to just stay home and play, and so were we. I didn't get many pictures, I let Steve video some things so these were the only ones I got. But... we did get a new camera from Scott. It's the same camera we have now, it's just 5 years newer. Once I figure everything out I'm going to take the same picture with both cameras to compare the two.

Thanks again to all our family who help to make our lives so wonderful.


The McAfee's said...

love the PJ's!!

Tracey said...

Sounds like a great Christmas. Don't you love making these memories?? Cute pj's!!

ginmommy said...

What cute pics of your men in their matching pj's!!!