Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve

We had a fun filled Christmas Eve around the Lee household. I feel this was the first Christmas since Cooper was born that he knew something special was taking place. I love watching him learn and take in new thing, it was a lot of fun. Earlier in the day we put some reindeer food in the yard, cause Santa's reindeer need snacks during their long journey. I think he just had fun shaking the bag. He was proud of himself.... I can't get enough of this cheesy grin.
After nap it was off to church. For the first time we had two services, I don't know what second service looked like but there wasn't an empty seat at first. They even brought in more chairs. It was a little bittersweet, it will be our last Christmas Eve service in our current building. There are no childcare workers during this service so Cooper stayed with us. I think he was a little confused at first, but pretzels and a sucker kept him calm. Plus I got some extra cuddle time. Here he is hanging with Uncle Scott before service started, Scott brought a snack for him too.

Next it was off to Scott's house for dinner with Steve's parents, aunt, and cousins. I think have a similar shot last Christmas of Cooper eating with Scott.

While dinner was being cleaned up, Scott kept Cooper busy by bringing out random items to show us. Here he is showing off a duster. It doesn't take much for this two year old.

Next we had some games, Scott picked up some fun gifts at the Dollar Tree... this was one of them.

They asked if I wanted to keep it, but he bought it for a $1. I said I would pass.

We can't forget the shower caps that someone won as well.

Next came gifts. Cooper got some more Little People, coloring books, books, a Thomas train, and a Leap Frog Dog. Thanks again to Marilyn, Tina, Ricky, and Randy for all you do for us & Cooper. Cooper is blessed to have so many people that love & care for him.

No Christmas Eve is complete without Steve & Ricky's gift exchange. Ricky got to go on a scavenger hunt playing "Cooper's Clues". Each clue was written out like a two year would say it. Steve's gift was inside a tub of toast, peanut butter and melted marshmallows. It was disgusting, but that's the fun of it all.

I have to agree with Gretchen when she said Christmas Eve is her favorite day of the year. I already have so many fun memories in just the 8 (I think) Christmas's I've spent with Steve's family. We start off with a short & simple church service on the true meaning of Christmas and end it with good family fun. I can't wait for Cooper to make many more memories of his own.


The McAfee's said...

love the cheesy grin!!

Tracey said...

I think little Mr. Cooper gets spoiled rotten!!! I love it! :) :)

ginmommy said...

I love the gifts!! The ovulation kit and shower caps!! Too cute!!