Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Rodes City Run 10k

This past Saturday was the Rodes City Run 10k which is also the 2nd leg of the Triple Crown,

I had one goal- beat my previous time I did in the Great Pumpkin 10k,   In that race my time was 1:06:11 with pace of 11 min/mile.

I was shooting for a pace around 10.30 or 10.35.  I've been doing that pace with I run 3 or 4 miles at a time but I haven't run 6 at that.  I honestly haven't run 6 much at all unless it's been in a long run.  I was ready to push myself.

The first mile came in right at 10 minute mile. What?!  I don't go that fast.  I slowed down some during the 2nd, probably due to the hill we had.  I just kept on.  I knew I was going faster than usual because my the finish line I was beat.  Exhausted but happy to be done.

My time you ask?

The race time had me at 1 hour, 2 minutes and 6 seconds.  I beat my last race by over 6 minutes.  I came in at a 10 min/mile pace.   No wonder I was beat.
That was the race time, but... I like to also go by my watch since that is what I normally use for time and pace.  My watch had me 2 seconds slower, but it had me running 6.28 miles instead of 6.2... I ended up with a 9 minute 54 second pace per mile.  My watch stores all my runs, I had my fastest mile, fastest 5k and fastest 10k.  

2 races down and 2 to go.  Papa John's 10 miler is in 11 days and Mini is in 4 1/2 weeks.


Jaime Mac said...

Woo hoo!! This is awesome!!

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