Saturday, April 4, 2015

Spring Break 2015

I had every intention of blogging a few days at a time while we were out of school but here I am and our two week break is over and I'm just now blogging.  Let's see if I can remember what we did.

If you follow Jaime Mac you need to hop on over and read her account of the day she came to make peanut butter and chocolate eggs.  My kids were off their rocker wild crazy.  They could smell her fear.  Her take on it is awesome.

The first Monday of Spring Break we went to Luke's for a play date.  It included video games and basketball.  

One day we went out to get baseball gear and somehow ended up with Hulk swim masks.  

That first week we also had Bounce Time with friends and another play date at our house.  We had Brian and Dean over, they are twins from Cooper's kindergarten class.  Sweet kids and a sweet mom, would love to see them together again next year.

That weekend we spent time at home relaxing, searching for more baseball gear, and welcoming my mom mom back from vacation.

The Monday of the second week we headed out to Chick-fil-A for lunch and ended up stopping by the pet store and getting a new beta fish.  His name is Happy.

We went to the zoo on Tuesday that week with our friend Stefanie. Cooper has to have this done every single visit.

Steve was off this past Wednesday since he worked this weekend. we went up to Columbus to the Kids Commons and the indoor playground.
They called this their bear cave.

Don't flush!

 While playing basketball Cooper said, "Watford for the win".

Working those triceps.

This is what I called my Survivor creation.  I was calling out to Jeff to come make sure I was right.  "Jami wins immunity'

We didn't do much Thursday or Friday.   The boys spent the night with my in-laws on Friday since Steve worked and I had my race this morning (more on that later).  After my race I met everyone at Scott's house for a cook out and egg hunt.  He got the boys a Kit Kat and this is how Cooper ate his.  It's a Kit Kat, break that bad boy apart.

Scott also had taken them to get their hair cut.  Now, I knew he was going to get it cut short but I didn't realize Cameron's would be buzzed.  Oh my!!  He's so proud though, he loves his hair and loves telling people about it.  For that reason, I love it for him.  He's cute no matter what.  Steve says he looks like a kid who had to have his head shaved due to a case of lice.

One day we were having good weather and I got to wear my t-shirt I got for Christmas.  It says, "I"m IN love.  Get it?!

Tonight we went out to dinner with friends for Paul's 40th birthday.  I'm sure Gretchen will blog about it, she has all the pictures.  It's always a good time when you get Paul and Matt together.

That's about it.  We kept it low key but still enough to have fun.  My favorite part of the two weeks had to be when the boys crawled into my bed every morning and watched Scooby Doo.  I'm gonna miss that.

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bethjosh said...

You are so cute... I'm loving the hair :-)