Saturday, March 7, 2015

Anthem 5K

Race season has officially begun. The Anthem 5k, which also happens to be the first leg of the Triple Crown, was held this morning.
 I honestly had no intention of running the triple crown in addition to the mini.  Then on New Years Eve, the last day before prices went up, Karen convinced me to do all 4.  I knew I would regret it if I didn't do them all so here I am.  It's a huge commitment taking 4 out of 8 Saturday mornings to run races but I'm ready.

My training schedule is designed for those running the triple crown, so even though Saturdays are my long run, I wasn't really scheduled to do one this week.  However, due to the snow storm in February we we were off a week, Laura and I were going to make it up on Thursday but again, snow.  Then I came up with a plan.  Why not park in downtown Jeff, jog over to the race, run the race, and jog back.  It won't give me all my miles back, but it's better than just 3.  

The plans were for Karen and me to meet Alicia and go over.  Karen still wasn't feeling well so Laura took her bib.  I forgot to take a pic of use on the bridge, this was after our initial jog just trying to stay warm before the start of the race.  When we started out, it was about 25 degrees and the sun was just coming out. 

Alicia is a pro at these things and helped us make our way up to the front.  

So thankful I found a running partner in Laura.  I never thought I enjoy running up to 9 miles, but this gal make it enjoyable.  It was about this time before the race that my fingers were going numb.  

Alicia ran ahead and finished her ran and jogged back to her car.  Although it wasn't my fastet 5k, it was my fastest race 5k.  It was Laura's fastest ever and 5 minutes quicker than her last 5k race.  Way to go!!!

I took this up on the 2nd street bridge on our way back.  I remember doing my first 5k race and seeing people run the course prior to the start of the race. I thought they were crazy, why would you want to run more?  Now, here I am parking in another state.  We ended up with a total of over 6 miles for the day, not the 10 I needed, but it was better than nothing.

Now that the first one is over I am pumped and ready.  Rodes City 10k is in 2 weeks.  I've given myself a pace goal on this one.  
2 weeks till 10k
4 weeks till 10 milers
7 weeks till mini


ginmommy said...

So wild you are a legit runner now! Way to go!

Susie said...

Way to go!! I admire you commitment!!

Jaime Mac said...

So proud of you!

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